Portfolio Statements

transitions from beige :

This body of work evolved from excess. Discovered gallons and gallons of a particular beige house paint, the residue from a previous life. Unwanted leftovers from a significant other, begging to be recycled. Transitioning from beige has been a long and arduous journey.  A life once steeped in colorless isolation seeking rediscovery. The chair and quilt are my solace. The comfort of the square, the stitch, the simple image that speaks loud when repeated, arranged in a community and supported by each other. All works quietly reveal the use of house paint, both dipped and hung to dry or applied with a brush. Mixed media methods expose carbon, marker and tape transfers, and a wide variety of drawing materials, watercolor and acrylic paints, india ink and thread. 


mother's dream :

Exploring concepts related to domesticity and the role of the female, I juxtapose social expectation with desire and absurdity. Visual metaphors and elements of repetition are used to emphasize a dramatic narrative. As if on stage, characters are contained by their environment and overwhelmed. Working and overworking the surface, I expose a history that reveals a more complex event. The primary medium used is oil paint with additional layers in acrylic and a variety of drawing media.